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Temporary internet Anywhere

Internet Anywhere

Vir2ue can support several temporary internet solutions including 4 and 5G, business broadband and Fibre Air. These services can be installed within a very quick time frame compared to standard Ethernet lead times.

Temporary internet


Vir2ue’s temporary Internet solutions can be provided on a short-term monthly contract to assist customers who have had a delayed carrier data circuit order to get their offices up and running without committing them to a long term contract.

Temporary internet ruggedised-wi-fi


Vir2ue can help building landlords by installing dedicated 10Gb data circuit bearers into their comms room, which can be divided out to new tenants that need to be up and working within a few weeks, rather than waiting 2 or 3 months for a new data connection.

Rapid Deployment

Vir2ue has developed strong relationships with key carrier partners who can provide ‘Rapid Deployment’ for their data services, reducing standard lead times and ensuring our customers are fully operational on time at their new location.

In addition, Vir2ue offers short term contracts on some data services to support clients by keeping them operational where their service provider has failed to deliver on time, allowing them to cancel our service as and when their carrier's order has been delivered avoiding additional costs.

Service deployment is subject to availability. Vir2ue aims to respond within a few hours of the initial enquiry and confirm whether these services are available and can be delivered on time at the given location.

We Manage the Entire Process

Our Vir2ue team fully understands each carrier’s installation process, providing clients with realistic delivery dates to manage their expectations, as in some cases the standard carrier lead times can extend beyond a customer's required ‘go live’ date.

Vir2ue's provisioning team will manage the entire process to keep you up to date and minimise the risk of any potential delays.

Vir2ue Data Products Available for Rapid Deployment!

4/5G Data SIM 15Mb - 100Mb 2 Working Days Monthly Rolling
Single Order Broadband 8Mb - 1Gb 8 Working Days Monthly Rolling
Fibre Air 10Mb - 10Gb 10 Working Days Monthly Rolling
Ethernet 10Mb - 10Gb 15 Working Days 12 Months

Vir2ue can supply your business with internet in less than 24 hours