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With over 80% of people using their mobile versus their laptop, it is fair to say the mobile phone is the most powerful tool for conducting business. Therefore, choosing the network and right tariff could be critical to your business increasing productivity and working smarter.

What is the Best Mobile Network For Your Business?

Vir2ue has long-term relationships with all the UK’s leading mobile networks, which include Vodafone, O2, Three and EE, and using our team of mobile solution experts, we will always work to find the best mobile network for your business.

With direct access to a wide range of flexible packages and the latest handsets, we will guarantee to get you the best value contract for your business.

Flexible SIM Only Plans

A SIM-only contract is the best option for you if you are looking to reduce costs and get a little bit longer out of the company mobile devices.

Vir2ue's SIM-only solution will not restrict you whatsoever. Whether it's a big data package you need, or a tailored SIM solution, our SIM-only packages can be designed to suit your needs and you can benefit from our competitive tariffs whilst utilising your existing hardware.

Mobile Broadband

Looking for internet access on the go? We have access to the best business mobile broadband tariff that guarantees to offer great connectivity to help boost productivity.

Recycle Your Old Devices

With Lifecycle Management we can save you time and money by recycling or refurbishing your old phones.

Handset & Device Plans

Choosing the right mobile phones and devices for your employees provides them with the right tools to do their job. Our specialist mobile team will source the latest mobile technology from all major manufacturers including Apple, Samsung and Sony at the very best prices

Detailed Account Reviews

We have developed a structured and proven account review process that will ensure you are always getting the best from your tariff. We can offer Monthly, quarterly or annual intervals to suit your business and to fit in with your schedule.

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Free Mobile Analysis

Contact us today and request a free mobile usage evaluation so we can see what mobile carrier will be best for your business.


Tailored Solutions

We review each customer's mobile bill to tailor our packages matching their usage patterns, This maximises our proposed cost savings and allows us to offer flexible terms for those users who don’t want to sign up for a long-term contract.


Managed Service

Our clients receive a dedicated account manager and our mobile usage monitoring system immediately alerts us of any spikes in your usage patterns, allowing us to add a top-up bundle during the month to avoid high overcharges.


Mobile Carrier Agnostic

Vir2ue offers solutions for all the leading mobile carriers including EE, O2 and Vodafone, to ensure that our clients can obtain the most cost effective setup possible.