Seamless Mobile Device Management

Secure Application distribution and complete Management of your Devices on your network

Complete Security Solutions For All Your Corporate Data!

Vir2ue's Mobile Device Management (MDM) software comes with enterprise security!

Vir2ue offers the full range of Mobile Hardware devices and a comprehensive Mobile Device Management solution that is designed to empower your enterprise workforce with the power of mobility, by enhancing employee productivity without compromising on corporate security.

The mobile solutions that Vir2ue can offer allow a choice of device manufacturer and manage smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops across multiple operating systems.

BYOD Mobile Device Management That Works

‘Bring your own device' is now part of everyday business. Mobility and cloud applications have revolutionised the way we work. Access to corporate systems and data from anywhere at any time is essential, and even more so, it is expected!

But there is a small hurdle that presents a security challenge... How can you be sure that access to corporate applications from an employee-owned device is secure?

Quickly Bring Devices Under Management

Easy enrollment and authentication for BYOD and corporate devices.

Ensure Devices Are Compliant With Policies

Configures profiles to enact policies for Wi-Fi, VPN and other parameters.

Intuitive Dashboard With an Easy To Use Interface

Management has never been simpler with an overview of the entire device ecosystem in your organisation.

Troubleshoot Devices in Real Time

Remotely control and view mobile devices and troubleshoot issues on them.

Mobile Hardware

Vir2ue work with the UKs leading hardware providers and have access to a great range of SIM Free and network variant devices, and to the latest devices and MiFi units at the best prices.

As a great value add to our services we offer an in-house repairs service, giving you peace of mind that if your device does get dropped we can fix it without the risk of giving it to someone you don't know.

Vir2ue know how critical your mobile phone is for the running of your business and we want to be sure we can offer the best mobile hardware service delivery, so we also a 24hr swap out service on all android devices, in which we replace faulty SIM-free handsets for the entirety of your 24 month warranty period at zero cost.

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Next gen remote business work

Remote business work

By your team having mobile devices, they can complete task on the go all on a device that fits in their pocket.

Next gen extensive range of mobile

Extensive Range of Mobile & Hardware Devices

Vir2ue work with the UK’s leading hardware providers and have access to the latest devices and MiFi units at the best prices.

Next gen mobile devices

Mobile devices and business communication

Even if your team is working remotely, with mobile devices they can stay connected with their team or management.

Next gen flexible contracts

Flexible Contracts

Our aim at Vir2ue is to ensure your plan continues to work for you. We provide periodic account reviews to ensure you are always getting the best deal.