Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

Power up everyone in the business using Microsoft Office 365

Stay in the Future with Office 365

Users of Microsoft 365 have access to the latest business software on-demand. Gain access to your business documents whether you're on your desktop or phone.

Office 365 is robust, reliable, easily accessible and simple, with subscriptions enabling mix and match plans.

Users will always receive access to the latest programs and teams users can easily collaborate and continue to work seamlessly in their work environment.

Vir2ue Deliver the Whole 365 Solution

Rest assured, Vir2ue will manage the whole process from end to end! With over 20 years experience dealing with the implementation of IT and Telecommunication services in businesses of all types meaning we understand the implementation of Office 365.

Vir2ue have developed a streamlined process to help get your business up and running with Office 365 within a matter of days. Our Office 365 service includes full operational support for Office 365, so your business can choose to leave the management, administration, and support to Vir2ue, allowing your focus on your business. Additionally we can support your existing IT team with the information and support they need to implement Office 365. Our team of dedicated experts can support your business with weekend and outside office hours installations, to support the needs of the business.

Management Benefits

Microsoft 365 is a cloud based portal and can be accessed from anywhere on any device making the management quick and easy. Microsoft Forms allows management to create surveys and questionnaires to gain business insights whilst the email and calendaring capabilities make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Security Benefits

Microsoft 365 gives organisations reassurance that their employees are empowered to work efficiently using the latest business software but also that the business data is secure and protected. The security within Microsoft 365 is beneficial for organisations such as 2 step verification.

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Cloud comuting


Office 365 is a cloud-based service which means you can access your files on any device even on the go.

Cloud Migration


You do not have to worry about upgrading your apps or software like Word, Excel or PowerPoint as, similar to with Office 365, you continue to get the latest versions on automatic updates.

Cloud Intigration


Office 365 comes with tools like Outlook and Skype for business which makes communicating with team members more straightforward.

Cloud optimization


Office 365 is a totally secure environment with security measures in place, like two-factor authentication, which ensures unauthorised people can't access your files if they happen to get on your device.