Cloud Telephone Systems

We support a variety of hosted VoIP solutions to meet your businesses needs


A hosted telephone system removes the need for expensive on-site equipment. The phone system is hosted in the cloud and owned by a supplier who supports and maintains the infrastructure by charging a fixed monthly fee per user making it easy to consume for your business.

Benefits of Hosted Telephony!

Stay Connected

Hosted Telephony platforms allow you to work from any location on any device e.g. PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone to stay connected to your work colleague and end customers.

Cost Management

Pay a simple fixed monthly fee for each user helping you to manage your Telecoms Expenditure. VoIP can virtually eliminate long distance call charges, the expense of added features and functionality such as voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing, video calling and it allows you to spread the cost of hardware over the contract.

Digital Transformation

Our hosted telephony systems support businesses with their digital transformation process integrating into over 150 CRM systems including Salesforce, BullHorn, ACT, and Connectwise helping clients reduce call handling times and reduce administration errors with call features such as click to dial and automatic screen pop.

Service Delivery

The key to a successful VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) deployment is a fit for purpose data network and experience of installing traditional phone systems.

As experts in both voice and data networking, Vir2ue can deliver and support a hosted solution to fit your business needs.

We can provide you with a quote for your Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony voip flexibility


Using a hosted telephone system allows employees to work from any location using any mobile, PC or system handset

Hosted telephony voip scalability


Hosted Phone systems support standard telephone features out of the box. Additional service requirements such as call recording, voice analytics and CRM integration are inbuilt to the platform and can be switched on for each user within the same day of asking.

Hosted telephony voip space saving


With a hosted telephone system companies can easily expand or reduce their workforce where additional user licences can be added or removed each month to meet business demand.

Hosted telephony voip simple setup


A hosted telephone system has been purposely built to provide a resilient service set up so if one of the platforms fails it will auto-failover to a secondary site for continuation of service.