The success of our organisation is based on the dedication of all our staff.
Our aim is to ensure they love their job and are always happy and willing to go the extra mile.

Co-founder of the business who holds a passion to make the company as good as it can be in an industry that has an average reputation. Passionate about giving customers a high level of customer service and a great believer that all customers are the same regardless of their size. With over 20 years’ experience in the Telecommunication industry, has seen the good, the bad and the ugly, using this experience to constantly take a bit of everything to improve the business where possible. Outside of work, you will find a joker who loves to socialise, home or away, as well as someone who loves to help others - Ian is on the Board of Trustees at Havering Adults with Disabilities Charity and a member of the GLG Council for Consultants. The only vice is, unfortunately, a love for West Ham United.

IAN RUDDER Managing Director

Previously a shareholder and Director at G3 comms, this chirpy chappy has great industry knowledge which has been built up over the past 15 years. Always has a great story or joke to tell and always knows “someone”. A man really into his fashion, although we have yet to see it! A very focused individual who is customer centric and shares the same passion as the rest of the Vir2ue team. A keen Rugby fan after apparently playing a good standard in his younger years.


Nina takes the meaning of financial controller to the limits. Not a penny leaves the company without her say so and she is passionate about keeping payment terms with all of our customers, suppliers, contractors and staff. Nina should have been a chartered accountant, but sacrificed her career to be a full-time hands-on mum. Now, she is a working mum with 2 grown up children, a dog and a husband who just so happens to be her boss! Loves a turn down at the gym, when not busy with all of the above!

NINA RUDDER Financial Controller

Our Kerry or as we like to know her “Kezza”, has been in the telecoms industry for over twenty years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both customer service and account management. Kerry provides a wide range of expertise across a number of industry sectors and is a great asset to the team. Kezza has a young family, so the flexible working environment adopted at Vir2ue provides the right life balance for a working mum. A keep fit enthusiast who loves to power walk everywhere including the school run and to and from the station.

Kerry Cox Senior Business Advisor

In his own words, Carl is “a super nerd who loves tech” What this man doesn’t know about IP data technology isn’t worth knowing. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will trace it down like Liam Neeson in "Taken”, until its found. During office hours and mostly a few hours before and after you will find this man tied to a PC. But when he is let loose, it's Pig and chicken feeding, vegetable picking, a real modern good life” - although still loves a nice cheese board to relax.

CARL SMITH Head of Technical Services

Tommy has learnt his profession in the tough world of the print industry and honed his skills in a demanding sector. Tommy has developed and broadened his business skills, whilst learning new technology formats. Tommy is a keen cyclists and will be no surprise to our team, if he is soon performing at the “Tour de France” or “The England tour” anytime soon and of course raising money for charities in line with a core value of Vir2ue.

Tommy Harmer Senior Consultant

Why Vir2ue are different?

Originally founded in November 2013 as Voice and Data Network Services (VDNS), as the name suggests like Ronseal, VDNS provided services as detailed on the tin, Voice and Data Networks. The service we provide to our customers is second to none - every staff member is measured against our customer service matrix and nothing else. Being passionate about customer service is a primary requirement when hiring new staff for the business.

In March 2020, VDNS changed our name to Vir2ue Communications to reflect our values of the business rather than the type of work carried out. The name change better reflects the core values of the shareholders, directors and staff, all pulling in the same direction to provide a first class customer experience, in an industry that typically has a poor reputation for customer service.

Customer Focused Vir2ue

At Vir2ue, the customer leads and we follow. However, as with all things in life, things change, circumstances change, as do people. At Vir2ue we understand the ebb and flow of the business world and in particular the telecommunication world and respond and react to our customer’s changing environment and technology needs. Vir2ue has seen the reduction of staffing levels in support roles in the big telecoms companies, with many organisations deploying support teams overseas.

At Vir2ue we have reversed that reduced support trend whilst recognising the home working and hybrid working methodology, mirroring a number of a our customers. Vir2ue’s quest to provide excellent customer service has been recognised with a couple of Greater London awards, which is testament to the hard work and effort by all the staff at Vir2ue to achieve our customer satisfaction goals.



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  • "We have developed a modern, personable method to telecoms, providing a consultative approach to every project that we undertake"
    Ian Rudder
    Managing Director

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