Power Up Microsoft Teams with Vir2ue

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Vir2ue can help your business transition from your existing phone system to an integrated Microsoft Teams telephony solution, retaining all the traditional service features that you require.

Microsoft Teams is a next-generation online calling and meeting software, built in Office 365's hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud solution.

The Microsoft application combines chat, video, conferences, documents, and attachments to create an intuitive, collaborative, flexible working environment for your staff.

Microsoft Teams Business Phone is not a Complete Telephone System Replacement!

Companies that are moving from a traditional telephone system to Microsoft Teams need to be aware that there are some standard call features and functionality that the Microsoft Teams business phone service doesnt currently support, meaning this could affect the way your business calls are currently managed.

Features and functions, such as receptionist consoles, voice to email, alternative CLI presentation e.g., 033/0800 numbers, are some of the services that are not currently supported on the Microsoft Teams Platform.

For businesses that still require these call features, this would normally require a rethink of how these changes will affect your normal working practise. However, by working with Vir2ue, we can enable your Microsoft Teams Tenant to be provide an integrated solution retaining the missing call service features that will allow your business to seamlessly migrate to Microsoft Teams without losing the call functionality that you still rely upon.

Vir2ue Consultancy Practice

With multiple staff sharing over 20 years of experience each, supporting our clients' telecoms services is second nature. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, Vir2ue will work alongside your key team members to identify the current service features that your company will need to retain.

Vir2ues MS TEAMS Consultants will work with your company to recommend the most suitable approach to integrate your new Microsoft Teams solution with your existing Telephony and IT Infrastructure.

Vir2ue ensures all key users are engaged in the migration process from the current telephony environment to MS TEAMS and will demonstrate and detail how to use and operate all the service features.

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Telephony seamless migration process

Seamless Migration Process

Vir2ue provide a seamless migration process working with trusted Tier 1 carriers to port across your existing number ranges on an agreed date and time to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Telephony increased call functionality

Increased Call Functionality

Vir2ue MS TEAMS Telephone solutions provide the unsupported call features that Microsoft Teams cannot currently provide such as voice to email, any DDI presentation, reception console, Non geographic number presentation and many more features.

Telephony reduced costs

Reduced Costs

Vir2ue implements bespoke call plans for our MS TEAMS clients to maximise savings by reducing their ongoing call charges.

Telephony remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring and IT Management

With all the tasks and needs of your business that need to be done, monitoring and managing your computer systems can be a tall order. We can take care of them for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.