Mobile Recording that meets FCA Regulations

Keeping your mobile phones compliant under all circumstances

Compliant Whatever The Weather

Ensuring you are compliant under all circumstances should not be a daily worry!

We offer a voice recording solution that is simple to use and delivers advanced complaint functionality and ensures you instantly meet all global regulations, including MiFID II, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, POPI, FAIS, and many more.

Vir2ue handle all of the hassle, so you don't have to!

If your company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you will need to have your company mobile calls recorded. With employees now choosing to work from home, it is important to ensure your business is completely protected.

Vir2ue offers a complete solution that facilitates rigorous recording and monitoring of regulated users' communications activities, which is fundamental to ensure you meet the stringent regulatory demands and achieve an operating environment that protects customers and the firm's reputation.

Keep it Simple With One Mobile Compliance Recording Solution

Record multiple communication channels with one solution – whether internal or external, inbound or outbound, fixed or mobile, our voice recording platform captures and manages the full range of communications, which means investigations can be accelerated and costs are lower.

Scalable Mobile Call Recording

Vir2ue can tailor solutions to support any type of communication and help you scale it to your needs. We can support small teams up through to large financial trading organisations.

Seamless Mobile Voice Recording

There are no buttons to push before you make or receive a call, no turning it off when it needs to be on and there are certainly no recording delays. Most importantly, our mobile call recording means fool-proof compliance.

Mobile Recording Provisioning

  • Endless user training or support provided.
  • No Apps to install (they use the native dialler)
  • No change to the user experience.
  • No changes to fleet purchasing decisions, MVR works on any device.
  • Port friendly (set up temp numbers and real numbers continuity)
  • Automate reconciliation and daily reports of numbers.

Legal Compliance

It's not a good idea to use any old system for mobile call recording. The voice recording technology must record calls both legally and ethically and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure call recording complies with all applicable requirements.

Some countries have more restrictive rules than others and industry-specific legislation also exists with respect to call recording. If your business operates across more than one country, you may have to abide by multiple regulations./p>

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR was implemented in 2018 and introduced regulations relating to the collection and use of data on UK citizens. Unlike other legislation, it applies to any business that collects data and has specific rules related to recording calls.

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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

Having mobile recording will make disputes a much easier process for your business to handle. It also makes your staff and customers feel more secure.

Transaction verification

Transaction verification

Transaction verification helps give your client the protection they need against fraud, giving them peace of mind when they purchase your services.

Legal protection

Legal protection for both business and staff

Our mobile recording system stands up in a court of law, meaning both parties - the business and the client - are given legal protection leading to a smoother process when needed.

Reduce overheads

Reduce overheads

By having all calls recorded, the cost of your business phone bill will drop as staff are less likely to use the business phone for personal calls.