Inbound Non-Geographical Numbers

Find your Perfect Business Number and make it easier for your Customers to Connect

UK & Global Inbound Numbering

Vir2ue Communications offers a vast portfolio of virtual, non-geographic telephone numbers from within the UK and from over 143 countries around the world, which means your potential to conduct business is almost without boundaries.

To complement our numbers, we offer a wide range of fully scalable and fully managed cloud-based call services, which provide phone-system functionality when deployed. This means that you can quickly and easily improve the way in which your inbound calls are managed, with very little capital expenditure compared to a new PBX.

Full System Control - User Access

Our cloud-based web portal allows you to exercise full control over your numbers and call services in real-time at the click of a mouse button.

The benefits of using the portal are clear; you can create and control all aspects of your telephony requirements without the need to send a request for a change to be made, which means that any changes can be implemented immediately.

The portal can be accessed from your PC or tablet and there is also a smart App for Android to iOS.

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Sip Trunking mobilise call


Our multi call service feature allows up to seven different destination numbers to ring at the same time until the call is answered.

Sip Trunking mobilise users


Our platform is all about ease of use and control at your fingertips, which is why we have enabled the services across multiple devices, from Android to iOS, as well as any PC or tablet.

Sip Trunking cost savings


Our international toll free and geographic services enable businesses to route their calls to any destination in over 250 cities and countries around the world.

Sip Trunking disaster recovery


Online Call Statistics provide invaluable information detailing everything needed for the efficient management of your inbound traffic. Scheduled reports can be sent by email at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. CSVs may also be downloaded.