Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Make calls outside of your MS TEAMS Network by using a direct routing phone service.

MS TEAMS – Direct Call Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Call Routing provides a direct SIP service into Microsoft’s business phone platform to support your inbound and outbound calls for customers who want to retain their existing telephone number ranges and have access to a tailored call package.

With the Vir2ue MS Teams Direct Call Routing solution, we can also provide additional call features such as receptionist console with busy lamp fields, voice to email and alternative number display that are not currently supported on the Microsoft Teams Business Phone System.

Why Use Vir2ue for your Microsoft Teams Direct Call Routing

Seamless Number Port & DDI Retention

At Vir2ue, we provide a managed number porting service making sure that all your existing telephone number ranges are retained and migrated across to the Direct Routing Platform with minimal disruption.

Disaster Recovery

Vir2ue Teams Direct Call Routing solution provides clients with an online portal and mobile app to support bespoke disaster recovery call plans in the event of a service outage.

Reduced Call Costs

MS Teams Direct call routing allows us to tailor each client's call package to reduce the ongoing costs of their main call destinations.

Traditional Call Features

With the Vir2ue Microsoft Teams Direct Call Routing solution, customers will gain access to traditional call features such as receptionist working, voice to email and alternative number display to enhance their Microsoft Business Phone Solution.

Fraud Alert

Vir2ue direct call routing solution supports fraud alert to limit our customers' exposure to any fraudulent call activity that can be predefined to a maximum weekly or monthly call total.

Proactive Service Support

By using Vir2ue for your Direct Call Routing solution, customers will gain access to a dedicated service support team and proactive account management who will be on hand to support you and your business for the long-term future.

Book a meeting with Vir2ue today and we can help highlight the key features that would be lost as a result of transitioning without consultation.

Benefits of using Vir2ue for your MS TEAMS Migration

The team of Vir2ue consultants will help guide your organisation through the migration process. We will highlight the key call features that would be lost as a result of transitioning without consultation, making sure that any existing call features are retained on the new platform.

Seamless Migration Process

Vir2ue provide a seamless migration process working with trusted Tier 1 carriers to port across your existing number ranges on an agreed date and time to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Increased Call Functionality

Vir2ue MS TEAMS Telephone solutions provide the unsupported call features that Microsoft Teams cannot currently provide such as voice to email, any DDI presentation, reception console, Non geographic number presentation and many more features.

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Direct routing simple deployment

Simple Deployment

Ms and Vir2ue offer a simple deployment and there is no need for any CCE ( Call Carrying Equipment) as it is based in the cloud.

Direct routing pain free migration

Pain Free Migration

Microsoft and Vir2ue make migration a breeze. A normal migration is a stressful time for your IT department but with Microsoft and Vir2ue the stress is taken away

Direct routing leverage existing contracts

Leverage Existing Contracts

Through direct routing, MS and Vir2ue allow you to make the most out of your current investments

Direct routing interoperability


One of the benefits of Microsoft Teams’ Direct Routing is its interoperability . This is the ability of computerized systems to connect and communicate with one another.