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Connect Teams & Secure Your Communications

An SBC (Session Border Controller) is a device that protects and regulates IP communications at the network edge/border to protect and control its VoIP networks.

SBCs are deployed to regulate all forms of communications in real time including VoIP, IP video, text chat and remote working providing more than just network security for companies that where there is a need to integrate legacy communication environments and Leverage existing capital investment.

By deploying our accredited SBC’s, clients can safeguard their network from potential toll fraud, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks whilst integrating services existing PSTN/SIP trunking, where they have legacy equipment they need to retain to continue operating successfully.

MS TEAMS Certified Session Border Controllers

Vir2ue's chosen SBC’s provide enhanced security and a system gateway to connect legacy platforms such as trader systems, contact centres, call recording and telephone systems.
The SBC’s can be delivered virtually or onsite and vary in size to support both SME and Enterprise clients.

Key Benefits:

  • Microsoft TEAMS Accredited SBC
  • Increased Security and Direct Routing
  • SIP & ISDN Enabled
  • Integrate different systems with unified dial plans, features and policies.
  • Extend corporate network to support small offices and remote workers.

Design your Microsoft Teams network with the future in mind.

SBCaaS (Session Border Controller as a Service)

Working with our key carrier partners, Vir2ue can support a hosted SBC-as-a-Service solution which is available globally.

The ISIP platform not only acts as a core SIP routing engine but also as an aggregation point for cloud and network connectivity via our carrier’s network.

Inbound and outbound PSTN access is supported via the global ISIP network where Cloud SBC’s based on Ribbon technology are hosted.

The Cloud SBC’s can be configured for Direct Routing to the Microsoft 365 tenant where we can support a proof of concept for clients looking for a MS Teams direct call routing solution.

The ISIP platform is securely connected to all major public cloud providers, over 40 tier 1 carriers, a wide variety of hybrid cloud platforms and the internet making ISIP accessible from anywhere in the world.

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 Cloud Migration

management and analysis

With system integration, you can get a good understanding of how well your business is doing and make well-founded decisions about its future development.

Cloud Comuting

Increased productivity

One of the biggest advantages of system integration is that it boosts the company’s productivity massively. Working with different systems and programs takes up a substantial amount of time, forcing the employees to focus on repetitive manual actions rather than on projects at hand.

Cloud Intigration

Lower cost

The cost of running different systems and the maintainance of this can be very costly but with system integration you are only paying one cost which covers all systems.

 Cloud Optimization

customer satisfaction

System integration allows you to achieve better customer satisfaction by reducing the time you spend on providing your products and services as they are all built into one.