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Business Wi-Fi Services

We now live in a world where high speed data connectivity and Wi-fi are an essential utility along with electricity, gas and water.
Building landlords, investors and property developers are under increasing pressure to meet tenant/occupant's requirements and ensure they have access to reliable services.

Vir2ue provides Managed Wifi Solutions to assist our client's network, offering faster, more reliable, and powerful connections in any environment.

Improved performance and better control

Vir2ue's latest Wi-Fi technology provides higher performance and greater efficiency than ever before and is ideal in environments with high client density such as serviced offices, retail, restaurants and schools.

Vir2ue's cloud based dashboard supports total visibility into a network's users, devices and applications, allowing clients to create access controls and application usage policies to optimise network security and enhance the end-user experience.

Guaranteed improvements

All our engineers will design your network to overcome any pre-identified issues. Taking into consideration all your requirements including, application support, high network client capacity, local interference and your facilities infrastructure.

A bespoke network for exactly what you need!

Vir2ue's Wi-fi experts will tailor your network to meet your specific requirement. We gain a full understanding of your current network and its pitfalls to ensure we design a solution that helps increase connectivity and improve productivity.

Vir2ue can optimise your network

Starting with your requirements, layering in the multitude of available Wi-Fi clients and analysing your current RF environment, we will provide recommendations to achieve maximum performance.

Vir2ue understand that when working with latency-sensitive applications like VoIP and video, we will need to prioritise your business network using relevant QOS parameters.

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