Why choose Vodafone for your business?

Why Choose Vodafone For Your Business?

From the 1st of April, Vodafone are increasing their prices for business and consumer plans including the SIM-only deals and mobile broadband. However, the benefits of Vodafone services far outweigh the cost!

Where Vodafone can be accessed? 

Vodafone is one of the fastest rising network services which delivers 99% population coverage with 4G, 3G and 2G across the UK. Additionally, Vodafone’s 5G services runs across 124 locations in the UK and 240 locations across the rest of EU. Vodafone are continuously looking to grow and expand to provide the best service to users all around.

How Vir2ue can help your business

Vir2ue Communications are constantly identifying the most superlative solutions which helps other businesses reduce cost for better coverage. We have accustomed pricing guides via Digital Wholesale Solutions to tailor the perfect proposal for our lovely clients to make certain that we are honest in what we offer.

Vodafone Network Speeds 

Vodafone may not lead the way by the fastest network speeds, but it is the more superior option with 4G download speeds which averages up to 20 Mbps. Furthermore, Vodafone have stated that their 5G network speeds are 10 times faster compared to 4G! The average download speed via 5G operates at around 150-200 mbps.

Recommended Vodafone Services

As a company looking to expand its reach, it is important to have a network service that is fast and reliable with great coverage. With Vir2ue’s pricing guides, Vodafone services are more suitable for companies who look to seek out bigger packages rather than smaller packages. For example, unlimited data is far more worth the cost compared to 20GB data per month.

In 2020, Vodafone was awarded for the best network provider via 5G. According to the 5G week awards, Vodafone is regarded as the ‘operator with the best industry development’. With Vodafone’s continuous development, Vir2ue can tailor the best possible solution to make sure clients get progressive results from their businesses while reducing costs.

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