New Provisioning Executive via Kickstart Scheme

New Provisioning Executive Via Kickstart Scheme

Since joining Vir2ue Communications last month via the kickstart scheme, I have acquired further understanding of how the telecommunications industry works. While studying Sport Science at the University of East London, I am developing a skillset within the business industry to one day managing my own sports related business. 

Working at Vir2ue Communications as a University Student

Since joining Vir2ue Communications last month on the 16th of Feb 2022 via the kickstart scheme, I have acquired a certain understanding of how the telecommunications industry works. I am learning about this industry and customers in this industry while studying Sport Science at the University of East London which is due to finish in May 2023.  I am developing a new skillset within the business industry to one day put myself in the position to manage my own sports related business. 

Tailoring Mobile Solutions For Our Clients!

My role at Vir2ue communications is to simplify and encourage different business mobile solutions for other companies while aiding with invoicing and acquiring sales. Learning about the telecommunications industry has been overwhelming due to a variety of information needed to successfully provide clarity on our voice and data services. However, I have developed as a business enthusiast over the course of this last month. This is mainly due to the hard-working, committed and friendly environment we have at Vir2ue Communications. I have settled in very quickly which allows me to work to the best of my ability and help our company progress. 

During the first week, the team paid a visit to Cenkos Securities who are a tier 2 finance company that have a strong client working relationship with Vir2ue Communications. Currently, Cenkos Securities utilise several voice and data services which is provided and managed by Vir2ue. Cenkos Securities has been one of Vir2ue’s most valued and long serving clients, which has been maintained for over 8 years.

A lot of training has been provided in the weeks so far including using the CRM database called ConnectWise, which is used to keep track of prospects, opportunities and existing customers. Additionally, I have been assigned to work with the mobile team which includes creating tailored solutions for other companies that are looking to expand their reach or just to make a simple change.

Adjusting to a Hybrid Work Schedule

I have been working with a hybrid work/Uni schedule which includes working Tuesday to Thursday in the office and working remotely from home on a Friday. I believe this offers great flexibility that allow workers (me) to juggle other personal responsibilities while working hard for the company wherever it may be! As a university student, I am tied to meet numerous deadlines over the academic period which can sometimes be overwhelming. I am thankful that Vir2ue offer the convenient solution of hybrid working which is effective for both sides of the party.

Although the time at Vir2ue has been enjoyable, it hasn’t been easy. Coming into the third week, I dislocated my knee during football on a Monday night. While spending almost 5 hours in the A&E department, I wasn’t sure on how Ian & James would respond to my situation. However, being the cool bosses they are, I was advised to work remotely from home until I was comfortable staying on my feet. The trust we have at Vir2ue is something I couldn’t have imagined. This further cements the values and principles of Vir2ue communications, which was a key consideration in joining, as this values are in line with my own, honesty, integrity and trust.  

How we can help your company with business mobiles 

Coming up to a month, myself and Lewis (the other new starter) are strongly focusing on offering the best possible mobile solutions or sim only deals to other aspiring companies. We are working with partners such as digital wholesale solutions, Teleware, Zest 4 amongst others to understand the multiple tariffs and solutions available from the likes of the mobile network service providers EE, O2 and Vodafone.

In conclusion my first month has been both challenging, rewarding and sometimes daunting especially following my injury but I can honestly say my work/uni life balance is allowing me to develop in more ways than I can imagine and gain those essential work and life skills. 

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