6 Month Kickstart At Vir2ue Communications

Please find below the good, bad and ugly (well not so ugly) covering my 6 months kickstart experience with Vir2ue Communications. 


I was introduced to Vir2ue in February through the kickstart scheme where I met Ian and James, who are two very experienced individuals that have provided me with valuable knowledge. The work was overwhelming at first with large amounts of training to get through. However, having great communication is key which is what Ian and James have provided me with, creating a comfortable and compatible work environment.

With little to no knowledge in the telecommunications field, the last 6 months at Vir2ue Communications has developed me as a business enthusiast. 

Vir2ue Communications- Introduction to Junior Provisioning Executive

My role in the company was to navigate through the CRM database, ensuring that our prospects and opportunities were up to date and organised. Additionally, I was directly involved with marketing strategies, including creating blogs for the company website, covering different topics in the telecommunications world. Last but not least, I was responsible for carrying out outreach campaigns such as: outbound calling, email campaigning and social media content creation.

 Vir2ue allowing a flexible working schedule

As a university student, flexibility is a key component to a successful lifestyle. Vir2ue work around a hybrid work schedule where priorities can be easily shifted by meeting assessment deadlines when needed. Furthermore, Vir2ue have also tailored to my personal religious needs by allowing me to work from home during the festive month of Ramadan. Vir2ue know the qualities which allow employees to be satisfied in the business.

 Responsible for assisting the marketing campaigns 

After countless hours of training and meetings, I was responsible for the marketing campaigns by using different techniques such as outbound calling and email marketing. The purpose of this is to seek out potential prospects/clients for the business.

Although this hasn’t been easy, learning numerous communication techniques have been beneficial for me as every situation is different.

Adaptability is a key function when it comes to outbound calling because you need to think on the spot. The person receiving the incoming call essentially known as the gatekeeper, has many tricks to object a genuine business call. Learning different techniques has been both rewarding and challenging, by receiving many objections by the gatekeeper which then needs to be adapted to successfully advance through to the intended speaker.

During this time, I have been able to increase my confidence by communicating with numerous business executives as well as remaining resilient under pressure when receiving an objection. Being able to remain resilient and adapt are key transferrable skills which can be used for future references when speaking to a stranger. 

Summary- Overall Experience at Vir2ue Communications

Overall, working at Vir2ue Communications has been a fantastic experience, by getting to understand how it’s like to work in a business office environment. It is a professional yet friendly working space which allows a new employee to settle in tremendously.

Working alongside Ian and James as your managers, you cannot go wrong.