SD-WAN is the latest technology for businesses to manage and optimise wide area network connections in order to make them more efficient, scalable and reducing costs. SD-Wan services are being utilised due to the growth of cloud computing and mobile devices in business communications. SD-Wan is implemented as a network of SD-WAN appliances connected by encrypted tunnels. These tunnels monitor the current availability and performance of each of your network and data services. Traffic reaching one of your SD-WAN appliances can choose the best available network to fulfill the communication, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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“We chose Vir2ue to support our corporate phone system and contact centre due to their excellent customer service and support, totally eclipsing the support, or lack thereof provided by BT. It’s great to have access to a team of people who are knowledgeable and focused on supporting our business."

Pearl Rivera

“We embarked on a huge project to replace our trading platform, The installation went very smoothly and was overseen by first-class project management. In a time-critical project move, replacing two key systems in our business, we are happy to report the project was delivered on time, within budget and very smoothly & a great job.”

Ray Owens

"Vir2ue came up with a solution that not only provided our customer with the correct amount of voice bandwidth but a cost-effective DRS that would be easy to implement. The change from suppliers went very smooth and happy to say the DRS has only been invoked once and worked perfectly."

Jack Hopkins
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